My team. #thegayblades #tgb4n #freshtodeath (photo by: @rockerstalker24)

Getting ready for The Gay Blades at Gramercy tomorrow night. #thekilling #thecouch #seamless #tgb4n

You know that new sound you’ve been looking for…

Will you come see my band, The Gay Blades tonight at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ tonight? We go on at 9.

The Gay Blades are playing at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park in one week with The Parlor Mob. (And 9/11 at Gramercy Theatre, NYC). #Bastards #GetLive

Let’s all go this. High fives on me.

Ice Cold.

You know who you are. #mndrsoldout

Guitar bros.#thegayblades

@puppymills used to be 14. What you can’t see is his 11 piece drum set. Or all the black dudes in his rap metal band. Or far Christian band mates depending on when this picture was taken. #protectionfromthesun


Hey guys. Look what my awesome, amazing, beautiful girlfriend idliketobeamazingoneday got me.


Gay Blades - November Fight Song (by LaundroMatinee)

#fadeawayfriends #fadeawayfriends Saturday, 1/18 @ St. Vitus Bar.

Fresh merch y’all… <Thanks to @myleskarr for the art. And @michaeldubin for connecting all necessary dots (for the past 8 years)>